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Ready to Increase Your Impact and Revenue While Working Less?

It’s time to take your seat as the CEO of your business rather than the doer of all things. The Not So Wimpy CEOs is a mastermind for high-achieving teacher-entrepreneurs who are ready to get more strategic so that they can increase their revenue without adding extra hours to their workday.

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Check out These Workshops for Even More Help

Email List Building

This jam packed training includes proven strategies for teacher entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their email list with teachers who are excited to buy from you. The Not So Wimpy List Building Workshop will help you to confidently attract the right people so that you can increase your revenue and your impact.

No matter what stage your business is in, list building needs to be a priority for all teacher entrepreneurs!

The List Building Workshop is for you if:
✅ You are a teacher entrepreneur who sells TpT products, courses, or memberships
✅ You are just starting your email list or you have an existing list and you want to continue growing your audience with a strategic plan
✅ You want to increase your revenue and know that an email list is your most valuable asset in your business

I am excited to teach the exact strategies that I used to grow a list of over 200K super fans and buyers!

Hiring Workshop

Hiring people for your team is a crucial part of running a successful business and a great way to increase your revenue and free up your time! But most teacher-entrepreneurs wait longer than they have to in hiring because it feels like the wild west. This workshop will take the guesswork out of hiring and get you building your team before you know it!

In this 2-hour workshop I share:
✅ How to know when you are ready to hire
✅ What role you need to hire out first or next
✅ 6 steps to find the perfect person to hire for your business
✅ Sample application and interview questions

I share all kinds of behind-the-scenes stories, tips and lessons learned from my own hiring. PLUS, I've included a 22-page PDF to help you implement these 6 steps in a simple and confident way.

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