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Tribe Takes All The Mystery Out of Creating a Successful Membership...

Not sure what to include in your membership? How much to charge? How to market it? Scared nobody will buy it?

What I love about Tribe is that Stu McLaren makes all of this so easy. Tribe will help you…

  • Find the perfect market for your membership
  • Establish yourself as the “go-to” expert
  • Attract an awesome community of followers
  • Step off the content creation treadmill
  • Choose the best pricing model (so you can make consistent income)
  • And much more!
Stu McLaren

My "AHA" Moments from Tribe

Hi! I’m Jamie Sears, CEO of Not So Wimpy Teacher, 7-figure entrepreneur, wife to my high school sweetheart, and mom of 5 amazing kids. My family is my biggest priority, which is why I decided that, if I grew a business, I only wanted to work 20 hours per week. It forced me to be super strategic about my time and tactics, but that’s exactly what I have done. And that’s why I love Tribe! With a membership, you can create more revenue, have greater impact, and work fewer hours.

Here’s what I learned from TRIBE..

  • The Success Path is a MUST! I used this strategy to create the content for my membership, my mastermind, and even to update my course. Understanding your customer journey makes creating the right content easier!
  • I was tempted to keep adding more stuff to my membership. This was daunting and a bit overwhelming. In Tribe, I realized that people actually leave memberships if there is too much stuff. This took the pressure off of content creation!
  • Tribe is an amazing example of community. The Facebook group is one of the best I have ever been a part of. I used so many of their strategies in my own free groups, my course group, and my membership. Adding gamification, opening ceremonies, and a graduation have made my programs so much more fun!
My biggest win [working with Jamie] has been having a successful launch of my membership. I have gone from being able to work 30 hours a week to about half that... It's amazing.
Rachel Mangum

Rachel Mangum The Idea Galaxy

5 Reasons You Need to Create a Membership for Teachers

Teachers LOVE to learn!

You could almost say they are bottomless pits for learning. Isn’t that wonderful though? Teachers really believe in the power of learning, not just for their students, but for themselves.They're always looking for professional development opportunities that will actually be practical for their classroom. Sadly, we know how few and far between those can be!

And you LOVE to help your fellow teachers. Nothing lights you up more.

I don't have to tell you how overworked and exhausted teachers are. In fact, that's why you created your TpT store--so teachers have an alternative to making every single lesson, activity, center, etc. from scratch themselves. A membership gives you the chance to go beyond a one-time transaction and build a thriving community!

You want to have a MASSIVE impact on the world of education...and you know you can only go so far with your TpT store.

In my experience, the teachers who buy more resources have LOTS of questions about how to implement those resources (no matter how much explanation I try to give!). By creating a membership, you can help teachers get the BEST results from your a way that allows you to reach more teachers and still save time.

Teachers CRAVE community and need support.

A membership is a fantastic way to provide ongoing, next-level support to your teacher audience. It’s a place for them to ask questions, be encouraged, and connect with other teachers in the same boat.

You want to create consistent revenue in your business.

Having a membership is not only good for your audience, but it’s good for you! You can sell ONCE and collect revenue monthly, freeing you up to spend more time doing what you love most. Plus, there are so many ways to set up your membership that don’t involve creating new resources for it every month. You can make it work for you!

JAMIE’S BONUS #1: Not So Wimpy List-Building Workshop

This jam-packed training includes proven strategies for teacher entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their email list with teachers who are ready to buy exactly what you have to sell. The Not So Wimpy List-Building Workshop will help you to confidently attract the perfect leads so you can increase your revenue and your impact.

By the end of this workshop, you will have:

A Strategic Plan for Choosing the Topic for your Lead Magnet
No more willy nilly putting freebies out into the world. You are going to learn how to focus on a lead magnet that will attract your super fans AND convert them into buyers!

A List of Proven Lead Magnets
Stand out in a busy market by offering the perfect lead magnet. You don’t have to offer the same thing everyone else is offering. There are so many options! Let’s brainstorm together.

A Plan to Market Your New Lead Magnet
Now that you have a valuable lead magnet, it’s time to get it out into the world! Let’s talk about using your social media, ads, and your TpT store to attract your ideal customer using your new lead magnet.

JAMIE'S BONUS #2: 3 Proven Strategies to Maximize Your Teacher Membership Launch (Live Zoom Training w/ Q&A)

Launching is my JAM! From pre-launch strategies to maximizing conversions, I have spent the last several years testing, tweaking, and seeing results that just keep getting better! I am excited to share them with you on this Zoom training! Plus, you’ll have a chance to ask questions in real time so you can make these strategies work for your unique business and audience.

By the end of this live training, you will have:

A Proven Pre-Launch Plan
Learn how to create pre-launch content that will have teachers ready and begging to join your membership the moment it opens.

Webinar Tips to Increase Conversions
Get insider tips for choosing a high-converting webinar topic for your teacher audience.

4 Must-Have Launch Emails
A deep-dive into four types of emails you NEED to send during your launch.

Using Live Video to Connect, Engage & Sell

Want to Get My Bonuses AND All of Stu's Bonuses Too?

Once you purchase TRIBE from any of the links on this page, I’ll get a notification that you bought through my link. I’ll send you an email with all the details. If you have questions or want to make sure the link worked, email me at
"Jamie helped me so much during my course launch...She assisted me in narrowing down a webinar topic, reminded me of my end goal many times, and answered countless questions for me about launching a course. Jamie also coached me through multiple mind blocks surrounding course content and launching. She reminded me of how many teachers and students would be impacted and it allowed me to get past my fear and doubt tremendously!"

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Still Not Sure if Tribe is Right for You?

Let’s chat! I had a LOT of questions about Tribe and creating a membership in general when I was getting started (hey, we’re teachers…it’s what we do). So I’d love to help answer yours! Just email me at or DM me on Instagram @not_so_wimpy_entrepreneur. Can’t wait to connect with you!